Saturday, June 1, 2013

Lil' Wayne's lyrics extremely degrading to women

"I just wanna hit and run like I ain't got insurances ho" "I be killing them bitches, I hope all dogs go to heaven" "You know I got that mouth out her and put that bitch out like a house fire" - Lil Wayne

These are two different lines in Lil' Wayne's song Rich as F***, they sound pretty uplifting for women don't you think? No, I doubt any woman would feel uplifted with these sort of lyrics. To be honest I do not think any woman should be even remotely comfortable listening to these lyrics. The lyrics put women down and degrade them and the lyrics make me as a person feel that the music should not even be produced, let alone put out to the public. These lyrics are heard by children and granted the music Lil' Wayne puts out is not geared toward young children  but regardless they will hear them and it is not as if the lyrics are just saying curse words they are teaching bad morals. As a woman I feel that this type of music should not be supported and I think that this is not real rap music. Real rap music is Tupac Shakur who would rap about the struggles in his life and what he went through and the real things African-Americans struggle with throughout history and through his time. Tupac did not make a bad name for African-Americans in his music. Yes, Tupac would curse and say things that not all kids should hear but at the end of the day his lyrics were real and had actual meaning. Lil' Wayne on the other hand raps mostly about "bitches" and having sex and smoking and having a good time but that isn't what rap is. Rap should be about your real feelings and things that are important not just about "bitches" and having sex and doing all kinds of drugs. This is a topic that really exasperates me for the simple fact that this is the reality of what society is coming to. We listen to this type of music that is really a step backward in the progression of women's suffrage, the lyrics that too many artists are publishing now are just sad to hear and it is with sad realization that this is not what music is nor what it has been in the past and not at all what it is supposed to be. Music is very important to me, always has been always will be and when I see that something important to me is being tarnished it offends me in a very large way. When I am in the car and I am listening to music on the radio and a song from Lil' Wayne comes on I am usually guaranteed to change the song because I can already guess what types of things I will be hearing in the song. It is the saddest thing to me when I see women enjoying these lyrics and singing along to the degrading parts because it is as if they are happy to be put down. It also pains me to see young kids looking up to Lil' Wayne and these rappers that degrade women and they feel that it is okay to say these things about women and they think it is normal. This has really been something I need to get off of my chest, thank you for listening my fellow bloggers and leave your responses in the comments and give me feedback!


  1. Okay see this is the type of thing that upsets me most when I see it. People like you say you know real music and music is your passion but honestly that is bullshit. You sit around here saying that you feel that you are being degraded by Lil' Wayne's music but in all honesty you must have your own insecurities if you think his music is directed at you specifically. Lil' Wayne does not care about you individually or as a person, he doesn't even know you so stop trying to put yourself and others in a category as if Lil' Wayne is rapping about you and other women in general. He is rapping about his personal experiences and what goes on in his life, nothing in it has to do with you or all women. Lil' Wayne's lyrics are real they are not only about women and having sex, if you gave his music a chance you'd see that not all of his music is about these things. His song How To Love is about how to love and a women who doesn't know how, and he talks about how she should be treated well and not once does he use a profanity so your wrong in that aspect.

  2. Bitch you dont know shit about Wayne he da best rapper in da game. show some respect bitch cuz he is right by callin you a bitch cuz you is one! you dont know that you is a bitch? this is real music on every level! Wayne be doin his thing in his raps, he spits gold in his rhymes and you is over here hatin and usin all these big words tryna say he degradin women? You is dumb cuz Wayne just speakin some real truth and you cant accept dat shit!

  3. These dumb asses above me are retarded. Don't listen to them. They are the very reason why I am losing faith in the rap game. Just because one of Lil Wayne's song respects women that does not mean its okay to dump out all this other crap about the size of his dick or how much pussy he grabs. This other guy is some dum nigga from the hood tryin to sound like he knows his shit.